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A 30th Birthday Gift Can be Thoughtful or Funny

When a person turns 30, it is indeed a milestone in their lives. Although they are not yet middle-aged, there is understandably some nostalgia, because they are leaving their 20s behind and no longer can be considered “young adults.” However, the right 30th birthday gift can certainly make turning this age special.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas

When looking for the right 30th birthday gift for someone, one first has to consider how that person might react to this milestone birthday. Is the birthday person a lighthearted person who does not care about age? Or, is the person rather sensitive about turning 30? Knowing how the person will react to turning 30 is key to selecting the right 30th birthday gift.

If the birthday person is a bit more sensitive about turning 30, it is important to buy that person a gift that does not bring up the topic of age. However, since 30 is a milestone birthday, the gift should be a bit more special than just a casual birthday gift.

A great example of a 30th birthday gift for someone who is sensitive about turning 30 is a DVD collection. Nowadays there are DVD collections of many different topics, from movies to documentaries, to television shows. Simply find out what the birthday person likes in terms of television shows or actors and actresses, and you are sure to find a DVD collection that will make an excellent 30th birthday gift.

For those people who care little about turning 30, one can choose from lots of different humorous 30th birthday gifts. Popular gifts include “over the hill” t-shirts, and decorative props like canes. There is also the option of purchasing a gift basket filled with items that have funny sayings about what it is like to turn 30.

Another interesting gift for people who do not mind turning 30 is one of those books commemorating all the events that happened in the year that person was born. These books also contain information like how much a car cost then as opposed to now.

For more information on different kinds of 30th birthday gifts, ask other friends of family of the birthday person for ideas. Or, visit a local novelty store or various websites for unique ideas. With all of the possibilities, you are sure to find a 30th birthday gift that the birthday person will like.

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