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Some 40th Birthday Gift Ideas to Remember

Candy is perhaps quite literally the sweetest way of wishing a person a happy 40th birthday and the Candy You Ate As A Kid is an ideal 40th birthday gift in this regard. Each of the assorted 40th birthday gift items is packed with well loved candies from the decade that gave us the Bee Gees, disco, pet rocks, 8-tracks as well as mood rings and smiley faces, among others.

There are candies that include Wax Lips, Candy Cigarettes, Spree, Necco Wafers, Razzles and just about every other mouth watering candy of any note that date back to the glorious 70s. Birthdays that contain a zero in the date are special occasions and sometimes it may be hard to find a suitable 40th birthday gift but one could do worse than choose candy you ate as a kid as the birthday gift on this lovely day, especially as everyone loves candy.

All of the four pound assortments are packed with more than seventy old time favorite candies and the box may include more than sixty different candies allowing for few duplicates, of course. To make the gift extra special, one may also send it with a personalized message for the birthday person.


Ferrari Driving Days, Rally Driving and Hot Air Ballooning

There are a wide range of other equally special 40th birthday gifts that include Ferrari Driving Days, Rally Driving and Hot Air Ballooning and these are but a few of the hundreds of other experiences that one may choose as 40th birthday gifts. There are many Ferrari driving experiences that would make a wonderful 40th birthday gift and riding in an exclusive Ferrari, albeit as a passenger would certainly make the 40th birthday a very memorable day indeed.

Another memorable 40th birthday gift would be to experience what it is like to drive a rally car on gravel and dirt, tarmac or forest stage under the tutelage of expert rally school instructors and these experiences are available at rally courses in rally cars such as Ford Escorts, Focus or even the powerful Subaru Impreza.

For those who wish to try out the blue sky adventures, an early morning weekday balloon flight would certainly prove to be a worthy 40th birthday gift. One may experience the calm of gliding silently over the countryside and enjoy amazing aerial views as well as the peaceful atmosphere that would make it a totally unique 40th birthday gift.

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