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  • 21st Birthday
    some responsible birthday gift ideas for those turning 21

  • 30th Birthday
    What to buy someone on their 30th birthday

  • 40th Birthday
    Gifts ideas for 40 year olds

  • 50th Birthday
    What to buy someone on their 50th birthday

  • 60th Birthday
    Birthday gift ideas for 60th birthdays

  • 80th Birthday
    80th birthday gift ideas for those who have reached four score years

  • Birthday Gift for Your Girlfriend
    Gift ideas for your girlfriend

  • Birthday Gifts for Boyfriends
    You are in a relationship with a special guy, and his birthday is approaching. Luckily, we have lots of different birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend.

  • Birthday Gifts for Dad
    Birthday gifts for dad should not be something cute and cuddly or sentimental.

  • Birthday Gifts for Mom
    When you surprise your mom with breakfast in bed on her special day, take a basket along. This could be one of the best surprise birthday gifts for mom she could ever wish for

  • Birthday Gifts for Sisters
    If your sister is like most women, hard to shop for but would still like you to try, then welcome to the club. This page looks at birthday gifts for sisters

  • First Birthday Gift Ideas
    Gift ideas for baby's first birthday. Tips on what to buy a child on his or her 1st birthday

General Gift Ideas

Gifts For Her

Gifts for Him

  • Girl's Birthday Gift Ideas - Birthday Gifts for Girls
    For a little girl, a birthday is quite an exciting time. Although having birthday cake is a big part of the excitement, nothing compares to the excitement of getting birthday gifts.

  • Gold Jewellery
    Have you ever stood at the jewellery counter marvelling at what all the inforamtion means? There is karat weight, durability, craftsmanship and a whole array of things to look at. Have you ever found yourself curious as to why it seems so complex, and why somebody can’t just make purchasing a piece of gold jewellery a trifle simpler to comprehend? Well, take a deep breath and read a little further, since things aren’t as complicated as they may appear.

  • Golfer's Birthday Gifts
    Do you have a golf enthusiast in your circle of friends. Golf related birthday gifts are a great idea

  • Great American Days
    A review of the Great American Days website and the services they offer

  • Ideas for Birthday Gifts
    Unique birthday gift ideas for all birthdays. Help choosing birthday gifts or special birthdays and people of all ages and tastes

  • Kids Birthday Gifts
    Kids need to be taught from an early age to be thankful for their gifts and like them for what they are. We provide you with advice to ensure your kids birthday gifts are well received

  • Mother's Birthday Gift Ideas
    You know that your mother will most likely appreciate anything that you give her, since you are her child after all. However, you want the next birthday gift you get for your mother to be a truly special one.

  • Personalized Birthday Gifts
    The advantages of a personalized birthday gift is the obvious one that the gift giver went out of his or her way to get something especially for you.

Product & Site Reviews

  • Romantic Birthday Gifts
    Men do not like romantic birthday gifts - period. We give you ideas about alternative birthday gifts

  • Special Birthday Gift
    Stuck for a unique, special birthday gift idea? Why not commission a short story. Find out more here

Special Birthday Gift Ideas

Special Gifts

  • Unique Aboriginal Art
    Unique birthday gift ideas - Unique aboriginal Australian art is a great idea for a birthday gift

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