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3 Ideas for a Birthday Gift Basket for Dad

A birthday gift for dad should not be something cute and cuddly or sentimental. Dads love their families, but love tangible gifts, preferably those related to other loves in their life too, such as their favorite football team, tools or electronic gadgets of some sort.

Birthday Gifts For the Couch Potato Dad

Unless you and your family are pooling in to buy a big screen TV, another more affordable birthday gift for dad could be a gift basket for all things related to the TV. The basket itself need not be a piece of art; a remote caddy can serve as the basket as dads are more in to the practicality of the gift, not precious dollars spent on frills and bows. In the remote caddy, add a remote finder from the Sharper Image that can help locate the blessed device in case it gets lost – god forbid. Add a copy of the TV Guide and some of his favorite munching snacks to complete the basket.

Birthday Gifts For the Sports Fan Dad

If he is in to collectibles, find some rare baseball cards for his collection on eBay or other auction sites. Add tickets to his favorite game or if your budget allows, season passes so the birthday gift for your dad keeps on giving for more than just a day. Add fillers with souvenirs or team paraphernalia such as jerseys, baseball caps, mugs etc.

Birthday Gifts For the Fitness Guru Dad

Although this type of dad may be less common than the above, there might be dads out there who love going to the gym and working with weights. A birthday gift for such a dad could be a membership renewal or new Nike running shoes and some supporting gifts could be a new water bottle, exercise DVD, new towel for the gym and other similar stuff. A spa certificate for a sports massage or the opportunity to try a new sport like golf which he has been meaning to but never got around to doing could also be a good idea. Passes for a few rounds of golf or a gift certificate to a driving range may just hit the nail on the head.

Whatever gift basket you do decide on, remember that when shopping for a birthday gift for your dad, don’t waste time on pretty packaging and color coordinated tissue to fill the basket with. Instead focus on what’s inside – after all isn’t that what really matters!

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