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Birthday Gifts for Mom - A Spectacular Birthday Gift Basket

When you surprise your mom with breakfast in bed on her special day, take a basket along. No, not a fruit or bread basket, but a birthday gift basket for your mom from the entire family. Women love receiving gifts, and the more the merrier. They also like fancy packaging and intricate details, all things you can find in a birthday gift basket for your mom or any other special women in your life.

Another advantage of a basket is that the entire family can pitch in and contribute a gift or two to go with the theme of the basket. You wouldn’t want a hodge-podge of gifts, but things that go with a particular idea; any other gift options can be reserved for the next year. Everyone pitching in money to get a gift card is so yesterday and it also doesn’t show how each person went out and thought of a birthday gift for mom.

Birthday Gifts For the Mom Who Loves to Cook

Fill the basket with one big item, the focal point or the anchor as you may like to call it, perhaps as the gift from dad or any other member of the family. It could be a new kitchen appliance such as the popular George Foreman grill. Other family members can contribute funky new kitchen gadgets or modern versions of old staples like the garlic press or the apple corer.

Other fillers can be recipe books for any particular kind of food that she likes such as Italian or low carb. For the youngest members of the family, they can copy family favorite recipes on colorful stationery for their mom. To make mom’s birthday gift usable immediately, add ingredients to the basket too. If you’re giving an indoor grill, you can add bottles of seasonings and marinades as well as skewers and grilling tongs.  If you’re in a hurry, you can always get a pre-packaged ‘wok in a box’ or ‘pasta in a box’ set from stores like Linens n Things. Just open the box, place all the stuff in the basket and wrap prettily.

Wrap the birthday gift basket for mom in clear cellophane with a cute bow (perhaps with a hamburger motif or chili peppers) and of course a thoughtful birthday card will be the icing on the cake – which should remind you not to forget the cake!

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