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What Should I Get as a Birthday Gift for My Sister?

 If your sister is like most women, hard to shop for but would still like you to try, then welcome to the club. Women love receiving gifts but just as much (or okay, nearly just as much) like taking them back for something else. You’ve seen Rachel being notorious in Friends for doing so and there’s bound to be someone in your life who does the same. The interesting part is that if this birthday gift for your sister, wife, daughter or long lost aunt is concerned, they still want you to make an effort.

 A big warning is telling your sister that her birthday gift is cash or a gift card because that will not translate in to convenience (because who said shopping was inconvenient- and that too with free money!) but it will unfavorably be translated in to not caring enough to even try looking for a suitable gift.

 So, with the chances that it may still be returned, here are some ideas for a birthday gift for your sister:

 Fragrance and Perfume as A Birthday Gift

 There is little that can go wrong with the latest Jennifer Lopez or Vera Wang signature perfume especially if you know that she is more inclined towards sweet floral notes or the cool crisp ones. You might be able to get a gift box fragrance set for just a little more than the individual bottle of perfume. And throughout the year large department stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdales have specials where you get an added bonus tote bag or make up sampler kit with any purchase over a specified amount.

 Don’t give the bonus gift to your sister for her birthday, she’ll sniff that it’s free and will conclude that you bough it only because you wanted the hot pink sample lipstick. So, keep it for yourself and that way you get a small treat for yourself too.

Electronics as A Birthday Gift

 A portable DVD player or if your budget allows an iPod or other electronic gadget would be a novel idea because most people do not use girls and Best Buy in the same phrase and hence they end up with sweet girlie bath and body salts and lotions instead of some good music.

 Hobby Gifts

 Another good idea for a sister birthday gift is something related to her favorite hobby. If your sister is interested in quilting, painting, scrapbooking or any other hobby, get her something from a specialized craft store. That will show that you went out of your way to a special store for her and don’t fret too much about the exact quilting accessory you choose, she’s bound to bring it back anyway!

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