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Move Over Noisy Toys – Some Unique First Birthday Gift Ideas

If there’s one party where you don’t have to worry whether the recipient will like the gift or not, it is a first birthday gift because your niece or nephew or the cute kid next door couldn’t be the least bit bothered if you had to hunt down three stores to get the new T.M.X Elmo or if you got him a rubber duckie from the dollar store.

Therefore why not break the mould and give the parents something they need rather than another noisy toy. The first year is particularly tough for many parents with hospital bills and the gazillion well baby check ups they have to go to. If the baby fell ill a couple of times in between, factor in a doctors office visit once a month at least. So of course you can’t give the parents cash as the first birthday gift for their baby, but you can give them gift cards to a baby store. It may not sound original, but they will appreciate any help with the diapers and formula bills.

Another necessary item which parents could appreciate as a first birthday gift is a front facing car seat because laws state that the baby must weigh 20 pounds and be one year old before he graduates in to the new seat. And just in case your gift is duplicated, always enclose a gift receipt; it is a life saver in times of clearances items and sales where without a gift receipt they may receive much less than you paid for.

Gift certificates to baby related products and services area a good first birthday gift as they can be used for those expenses that parents would love to splurge on but diapers and formula always beat them to it! A portrait session or some baby and me music classes are a few options to consider.

Beyond the Birthday Baby

Instead of things directly or indirectly related to the baby, surprise the parents with movie tickets with a hand printed coupon to baby sit their baby while they redeem the tickets. Spa certificates or any other thing you feel they would enjoy like opera or a fancy restaurants are ideas based on the same premise.

Don’t feel guilty for not getting another ‘educational;’ toy as a first birthday gift, chances are there are many other friends and relatives who are getting them because they haven’t read this!

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