unique birthday gift ideas

Golf Birthday Giftfor Every Budget

A Golf Related Birthday Gift From the Rich Uncle

A golf birthday gift from an uncle rolling in dough can be membership to a prestigious golf club where you can be introduced to the game, take lessons as well as network with other enthusiasts. Other high end gifts could be tickets to a PGA tour or even a golf cart- who said it’s just the thought that counts!

Birthday Gifts for Golfers From A Spouse

New golf clubs or golf lessons may be a good idea as a gift from a wife to her husband because he knows he likes the game but bills and car payments beat him to it and he always puts off doing something for himself. If your budget allows, book a mini golf vacation especially if you are in to the game yourself. Not only will it be a refreshing escape for the two of you, you can build on the love for the game.

Golfing Birthday Gifts From the Kids

An appropriate golf birthday gift from the kids could be the myriad of accessories available such as golf shirts, golf books, golf bags, shoes etc... A cute golf cake can also be made at home. Take a sheet cake ready-made if you’re in a hurry or bake a rectangular one at home. Cover it with bright green frosting to depict the grass. Buy a golf birthday cake topper or use an old (but washed) tee and ball instead. Insert bamboo skewer to make the hole and add a little flag. Pipe on your message and you have a unique thoughtful golf birthday gift for your dad.

Gifts From Co-Workers

If you want to give a golf birthday gift to your boss or to another colleague, you could pitch in and get a personalized monogrammed golf caddy. Just be sure to have the spelling correct and make sure that the initials do not spell something weird. For instance,  your sales manager may be Catherine Olivia West, but her golf accessories with COW may not be such a good idea, for her and your sake!

For the golf lover who has many responsibilities at home and at work, just scheduling a day out for golf with his buddies – no strings attached. Do not ask him to pick Julie from dance on the way back or shop for groceries before heading home. This can be a golf birthday gift in itself; some guy time, some golf time and some no-nagging time. Ah, heaven.

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