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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Personalized Birthday Gifts

There are so many websites and stores that are jumping on the personalization bandwagon that it makes industry experts think whether this is a fad or something that is here to stay. What started off with company logos on pens and desk clocks to serve as marketing tools has now permeated in to every home. Beginning with initial purses and wallets, now people have their entire names (first, last and middle) on everything from bags and briefcases to door knockers and welcome mats!

Advantages of Buying Personalized Birthday Gifts

The advantages of a personalized birthday gift is the obvious one that the gift giver went out of his or her way to get something especially for you instead of picking up a box of chocolates from the drug store en route to the party or re-gifting some glasses stored in the basement. It also denotes that the person thought about you and your gift well in advance, because personalization is rarely ever done on the spot.

A personalized birthday gift need not be store bought. You can still put in thought and effort into a personalized birthday gift by crocheting, knitting or quilting something for a special person. An idea for a baby’s first birthday can be a patchwork quilt of cute baby motifs coupled with messages from aunts and uncles to make a wonderful personalized birthday gift.

Disadvantages When Buying Personalized Birthday Gifts

However, there is a flipside to personalized birthday gifts too. For one, you can not take it back. You may appreciate the thought that your sister got you a personalized door knocker but you really don’t want any one standing outside your door to know your name because you are wary of salespeople and scared of kidnappers. It may also be that you already have two other mugs with cutesy messages and really do not care for yet another one with your name on it. Everyone at home knows which mug is yours and its okay if your husband takes a sip from yours once in a while!

You love your name, but it was spelled incorrectly like Madisun was spelt as the typical Madison whereas you like your name to be unique. Similarly, you think your name sounds cool, but unfortunately the initials do not. For instance, Patrick Ian Gordon in initials on a leather briefcase will not be very elegant to take a PIG to work everyday!

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