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Do Not Get a Romantic Birthday Gift for Your Husband

Men do not like romantic birthday gifts - period. There are no ifs and buts abut it. They may say they like it if they’re your boyfriend and things are still sizzling hot, but they will still not like a cute white teddy with I love You written on its belly. There are no exceptions for your husband. He would like anything that is preferably wired so he can plug it in to his TV and have hours of fun with it.

Buying a romantic birthday gift for your husband is a waste of time, money and effort. And you’re going to end up feeling hurt because you went to all that trouble looking for the perfect bed tray in which you could serve him breakfast in bed. Its not that he doesn’t love you, it’s just that he isn’t in to such things.

The rule about romantic birthday gifts applies conversely to women although there are still some exceptions like your friend who was dreaming of a 42 inch plasma screen for Christmas. However such friends and their dreams are the exception and no way near the norm, so learn from your mistakes and ditch the romantic birthday gift idea for something tangible; something big and burly like himself which he can use, preferably something that he can use to watch the game on. Tivo, DVD player, premium cable channels, a recliner on which he can watch TV, you get the idea

So When Is a Romantic Birthday Gift a Good Idea?

If it’s for your husband, never; if its for your wife however, nearly always. Woo your girlfriend or wow your wife with a romantic birthday gift like a couple’s massage gift certificate where you can spend time together being pampered by a fire place in a hotel room. Diamonds chocolates and roses are three hot favorites which don’t really get out of style, but may get a little predictable (except for the diamonds which are always welcome).

Other romantic birthday gifts can include elegant lingerie for that special woman in your life or just a candle lit dinner prepared by you. Women are typecast in to the role of materialistic individuals who love all things that sparkle. That may only be partly true; you can take your wife to the fanciest restaurant in town and that will wow her for one night. Or you can offer to load the dishwasher every night and that will wow her for ever!

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