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A Special Birthday Gift: Commission A Short Story

Do you want to give your friend or loved one a unique birthday gift that will really make them feel special and that they can treasure forever?  One such unique birthday gift would be to have a story written about them by a professional author.

All you would need to do is provide the author with a few details about the person the story is being written for, and perhaps a suggestion about the type of story the person may like as a birthday gift, then leave the rest to the writer.

Many short story writers can adapt their style to mimic that of a favorite author, so it would be quite easy to have a story written for your boyfriend in the style of a James Bond spy thriller, where he is the dashing secret agent! Alternatively, you could have a story where your daughter really is the fairy princess – in fact, you are limited only by your imagination.



One thing to remember is that a unique birthday gift like this should not be left until the last minute, as the writer will need a few weeks to put the story together and, if you are having it printed and bound, there would be the additional time needed at the print shop.  Always ask the author how long he or she expects the job will take to finish, and whether they will post directly to you or the person you commissioned the story for.


There are many authors who will write unique stories as birthday gifts for your friend or loved one.  Stephen Corri, who is a UK based author, offers a complete package including printing and binding.  Why not visit his Tall Stories website to view samples of his work.  A short story really would be a truly unique and special birthday gift for someone you care about.

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