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Unique Birthday Gift: Aboriginal Australian Art and More 

An extremely unique birthday gift to give is the unique Australian Aboriginal Art gifts that would make for unexpected surprise gifts for friends as well as loved ones from Down Under. These are exquisite Aboriginal Australian art gifts that have been designed by Australian Aborigines, and would certainly be something different and unique. As well as making a difference to one’s friends and family members (who would definitely be pleasantly surprised to receive such unique birthday gifts -something they would not be expecting), as well as being authentic and something that can be passed down the generations and treasured for some time to come.

One example of a very unique birthday gift would be a set of three large limited edition returning boomerangs conceived by Stan Yarramunua, who is an Aboriginal artist hailing from the Yorta Yorta tribe on the Murray river in Australia. These gifts have all been designed as well as crafted by him and are based on stories passed down from his ancestors. You can visit Stan Yarramunua's website via the link below

 Birthday Gift Ideas

Unique Aboriginal Art from Australia. Find unique birthday gift ideas and gifts for men and women. Designs by Australian Aborigine Stan Yarramunua from the Yorta Yorta tribe. Worldwide orders taken.


Along with the boomerangs he has also unique Aboriginal Art paintings to his credit as well as hot poker burnt and carved Didgeridoos, clapsticks, rain sticks as well as trinket boxes in his stock and these are some very unique birthday gift items that would suit men, women and children.

Once in a while, Stan puts up his wares for sales at special one day only prices and most items may be limited editions or on sale at reduced prices and in any case, there are sure to be only limited number of each sale item and are sold on first come first served basis; so make sure to be early when there is a sale on. The three piece Aboriginal Art Returning Boomerang gift set is valued at fewer than one hundred and fifty dollars.

Give A Soft Polar Bear Toy As A Birthday Gift

Another unique birthday gift is to gift a soft polar bear toy and this irresistible gift is for real and one can actually gift Snowy (her name) and at the same time help Care for the Wild in continuing their brilliant conservation work in doing all that is humanly possible in saving the polar bear and its habitat. This unique birthday gift would certainly show the person how much you care not only for them but also for the welfare and safety of the polar bears. This unique birthday gift is yours for just fewer than fifty dollars.

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